The Context


Capriza is a comprehensive platform for enterprises to become smarter and to simplify their workflow. Without any coding, users can quickly create cross-platform mobile Apps (Zapps), easing their workflow from one day to the other.


We were responsible for defining the experience for one of the core components of the Capriza Platform. The purpose of this Dashboard is to drive adoption of Zapps across enterprises and to enable admins to manage Zapps, users, permissions, security and other settings.


Our Approach


Calibri AZE


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The Outcome

  • Walkthrough


    A guide for new users go through the right steps in getting started with Capriza.
  • Notifications


    A dropdown notifications list, with custom icons and filtered by their type.
  • Boost Zapps

    Boost Zapps

    Simple forms to help admins to improve their Zapp’s adoption.
  • Brand


    Personalize your Zapp layout accordingly to your company brand style.
  • Capriza User Panel
  • Capriza Account Panel
  • Capriza Brand Panel
  • Capriza Setup Modal
  • Pongo Following

    Pongo Following

    Follow each Pongo that’s assigned to you and keep track of every move
  • Activities List

    Activities List

    Everytime your Pongo does something, it gets saved here
  • Record and save media

    Record and save media

    Associate any type of media to each Pongo’s activity to improve your tracking
  • Backup your data

    Backup your data

    Backup the collected data and share it with your colleagues
Pongo Follows List Wireframe
Pongo Follows List UI
Pongo Activities List Wireframe
Pongo Activities List UI
Pongo Finish Observation Wireframe
Pongo Finish Observation UI
Pongo Calendar Overview Wireframe
Pongo Calendar Overview UI